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Notes on Poe’s Little Longfellow War

When I first put together my list on Poe, I picked up the impression from multiple sources that Poe’s accusation against Longfellow was just a result of his illness/alcohol issues/mental instability, and also the fact that it’s not be widely accepted that Longfellow is a plagiarist contributed to me having the preconception that Poe must … Continue reading

Rediscovering Wilde’s Fairytales

In the midst of reading through my comps lists, I’m consistently tempted to “order off menu.”  I keep finding articles that I wish I would have included, some with key information like Josephine Guy’s work on the extent of Wilde’s plagiarism (I’m kicking myself!), and some involve threads of exploration I had no idea existed, … Continue reading

Ornamental Meaning

Just a quick observation, which I didn’t want to forget: some of Wilde’s most important dramatic points hinge on a small ornament.  Ornament has been on my mind a lot in Wilde’s writing as I wrote about plagiarism as a form of it, but it keeps popping up! In the “The Truth of Masks,” Wilde … Continue reading

A Day with De Profundis

Wow—this was a long letter (80 pages or so).  But it was made longer by the sheer tediousness of it.  So far, this has been the only piece by Wilde I have not enjoyed reading.   For one, reading it felt like going through someone’s dirty laundry.  In the letter to his ex-lover, Wilde spends most … Continue reading