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A Trip to the Poe Museum

Since my last post, I passed my comprehensive exams and wrote up, revised, wrote again, revised, and rewrote my proposal (and taught some classes).  So, it’s back to blogging for me.  To get a kick start back into the game, I visited the Philadelphia Poe Museum with my sister.  I’m going to be doing a … Continue reading

Notes on Poe’s Little Longfellow War

When I first put together my list on Poe, I picked up the impression from multiple sources that Poe’s accusation against Longfellow was just a result of his illness/alcohol issues/mental instability, and also the fact that it’s not be widely accepted that Longfellow is a plagiarist contributed to me having the preconception that Poe must … Continue reading

Prussic Acid–diluted

So, I’m reading about Poe’s caustic reviews of other authors’ writings while he worked as an editor.  These reviews were so harsh (a friend said something like ‘Poe uses prussic acid instead of ink to write his reviews’), and were such a departure from the typical “puff” editorial pieces of the day that he made … Continue reading

Poe and the Case of the Purloined Textbook

For the moment, I am putting Wilde aside, to focus on one of my other authors: Poe.  Yep.  Poe was accused of plagiarism in writing a textbook, and then, a few years later, he went off his rocker (according to some critics) and publically accused Longfellow and other writers of plagiarism. My starting information on … Continue reading