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What is Parody? Maybe The Simpsons know.

I thought this question would be easy—as a literature addict, parody seems pretty obvious and I could name countless examples, from The Onion to The Simpsons to Jonathan Swift.  Turns out, I’ve had the wrong definition of parody this whole time.  Well, according to literary theorist Linda Hutcheon, I did. I’ve always treated parody as … Continue reading

Beyond Accessibility…and Beyond!

Overall, my presentation for the Beyond Accessibility Conference directly following the DHSI at UVic was the oddest presentation I’ve ever given.  But, it was at least the best attended.  It was on my process of finding plagiarism and self-plagiarism in Oscar Wilde’s work as well to explain the importance finding plagiarism in other authors’ works, … Continue reading

DHSI Recap

I am writing as I take the ferry from Victoria back to Seattle so tomorrow I will take a flight home.  The view is amazing layers—blue sky and wisps of clouds above angular snowy mountain peaks, above puffs of clouds, above the curves of piney hills shrouded in mist, above sails and trees dotting the … Continue reading

DHSI Midterm Report

I’m in Victoria, British Columbia this week attending the Digital Humanities Summer Institute!  It’s been fun, disorienting, interesting, and challenging.  What is digital humanities and why am I here?  In my understanding, which is still limited at this point, the digital humanities is simply all iterations of digital-aided scholarship in humanities where the digital takes … Continue reading